Over the years, Diana has designed for many brides and their bridesmaids.  Recently, one of the best compliments we received was when a bride messaged to say that she still wears and loves the necklace and earring set that Diana had designed for her wedding!  And that wedding was over 10 years ago!  Classic design is timeless.  To begin custom work for your wedding, please contact us.

Suggestions for the bride . . .


* Be sure to coordinate your necklace with the neckline shape of your dress – ie. rounded necklines look best with rounded necklace shapes; v-necklines are perfect for pendant type styles; for sleeveless designs, choker styles or just a dramatic pair of earrings may be all you need.

* Make your bridesmaids unique with different necklace styles that use the same stones – ie. sometimes bridesmaids differing body shapes call for different dress silhouettes, usually tied together by using the same fabric.  This way of accommodating your bridesmaids keeps them all looking their best.  Carry this theme thru by selecting (or offering) wedding jewelry that is unique to each bridesmaid’s dress or personality – your bridal party will appreciate it!

* Need something blue?  Consider a pearl bracelet accented by baby blue crystals or even an ankle bracelet.  Ankle bracelets are very sexy and while will not be on display for the whole wedding, can be simply designed so they can be worn for other occasions.

* Don’t forget the mothers of the bride/groom.  A lovely gift from the bride or groom, a necklace or other piece of beaded jewelry designed to match a mother’s dress becomes an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation – just as the bride’s dress and jewelry.

* While chunky beaded jewelry may be in style, it’s simply not for everyone.  Be sure to consider your bridal party’s unique tastes when considering wedding jewelry as a gift for them.

Be sure to check back with us – as we discover more helpful tips for the bride, they will be added!  We hope you have found this page useful – if you have any suggestions you’d like us to add, feel free to email us!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!