Tivo? Who needs it?

Television has been getting a really bad rap lately, and it’s no wonder. But I have to admit, there are a few shows that I like to watch ~ if it weren’t for all those commercials! ( Is it just me or are there more of them these days?) I know I could record the shows and fast forward . . . but I’d rather make things. Here are a few things I’ve been working on. It started with some beautiful rubies . . .

Long Faceted Ruby Rosary Chain Necklace

Smooth Ruby Rondelle Rosary Chain Necklace

Long Pink Tourmaline Rosary Chain Necklace

Long Faceted Aquamarine and Labradorite on Silk Necklace

So the next time you go to set up the Tivo, think about all you could accomplish while watching television.

Di ūüėČ

Time flies . . .

Wow! It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since my last post. And even tho I haven’t been making much jewelry, I’ve been busy. Besides making and selling jewelry extenders, I helped plan our high school reunion, returned to crafting, opened a new Etsy shop, and more recently have been de-cluttering with Craigslist.

Below are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces that have sold:

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Apatite, Labradorite, Smokey Quartz, Iolite, and Gold Vermeil.

My return to crafting began with a pattern I discovered during a re-organization. This pattern, for a miniature teddy bear, was one I originally used as a small child. After I had created several bears in Honey colored felt, while adding 2 even smaller bears in the process,

my son inspired me to make them in colors. I’ve named that collection of bears “Colores” and they are currently available at my Etsy shop Bitty Boo Gifts.

I’ve truly enjoyed making these little creatures and hope they put a smile on your face. With many jewelry ideas swirling around in my head, my return to jewelry making is just around the corner. But first, I must streamline the photography process . . . ahhh, another idea for a future post – “Photography Made Easy”.

Thanks for visiting, Diana ūüėČ

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

When I first saw these Apatite nuggets I was drawn simply to the color. But the more I looked at them the more I loved them for their ancient quality – like something found in an archaeological dig – asymmetrically faceted slabs, they are cracked and pitted in places which give them a unique charm. Even my 9 year old son commented – “These are cool, Mom! I love the cracks!” Indeed. To enforce the museum feel, I’ve enhanced them with 24K gold vermeil and large Faceted Smokey Quartz Rondelles. To modernize the look I incorporated smooth labradorite pebbles. I love the contrast. As you move about, the labradorite beads flash gorgeous shades of blue and olive . . . yummmmm.

The pendant necklace is 24″ long and the bead chain necklace is 20″ long with an extender.  They are designed to be worn layered but look gorgeous on their own. 

Soon to be available in my Etsy store where my seller name is “queeniejewels”. Hope to see you there!