Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care Instructions

Store jewelry flat, out of direct sunlight, and away from heat. Some stones, such as Kunzite and Rose Quartz, will fade if left in direct sunlight for lengthy periods; heat will dry out pearls. Avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent stones from cracking.

Clean by wiping gently with a soft damp cloth after each wearing. Or, try our Sunshine ® cloths for sterling silver to clean and polish without scratching. We also like 3M ® High Performance Cloths for cleaning and polishing gold fill, gold vermeil, gold plate, and sterling silver. Not only are they readily available at your local supermarket, they’re washable and reusable.

If the need arises, you can swish jewelry lightly in a solution of mild soap (Ivory or Woolite) and warm filtered water, rinse well, and air dry completely before storing. Jewelry strung on silk should NOT be submerged as the silk could stretch and/or become weakened. We don’t recommend using ultrasonic cleaners. Did you know they can damage stones such as Peridot?

Last on, first off is recommended for all our jewelry. It is especially important for gold vermeil/plate, pearls and soft stones, such as turquoise – by not exposing jewelry to hairsprays, perfumes, and lotions you eliminate the need for heavy cleaning and polishing and prevent metal discoloration. Over time, this could greatly affect the life of your piece.

Remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, or doing chores that require chemicals. Chemicals like chlorine and detergents can harm stones and/or discolor metals.

24K Gold Vermeil and 24K Gold Plated Brass: In addition to the above tips, care should be taken not to expose these products to high humidity or heavy sweating. Wiping with a clean soft cloth, to remove oil and dirt, is recommended. Glass cleaner can be used to provide added luster.

All gold will scratch if not stored properly. To prevent scratches use jewelry bags.

Additional Tips & Info

Gemstones and Pearls are sometimes enhanced to improve their appearance. Common enhancements include heat treatment, irradiation and dyes. As a general rule we stay away from dyed beads but in certain instances, ie. rose quartz and garnet, it is not always possible. Please note that when we do choose to buy dyed beads, we only buy those that are permanently dyed to avoid dye transfer. Protect gemstones from sunlight as many gemstones will fade.

Our products are carefully constructed and our beads hand selected for color and quality. Gemstones are usually cut in India and have very small bead holes. This requires the use of very fine wire for wire-wrapping or cable for stringing. Please handle these pieces as you would any fine piece of jewelry. Should you break your jewelry, we will gladly repair it for a minimal charge which will be determined at the time of inspection.

Children & Jewelry We have chosen to recommend that children under the age of five not wear beaded jewelry. Beads are a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Beaded jewelry requires more care than chain jewelry and most Mother’s are not willing to take the time to do so. Sometimes, children do not like to wear jewelry but are forced to do so 🙁 . Your child most likely will not understand the value of the jewelry and may tug or pull or choose to play with it – jewelry is not a toy! If you choose to put a child under the age of 5 in jewelry, please see the following:

  • Children must be supervised at all times while wearing jewelry.
  • Ensure jewelry is not too loose so as to get caught on something.
  • Jewelry should not be worn for more than a couple hours at a time.
  • Children should not be put down for a nap while wearing jewelry
  • Children should never be forced to wear jewelry.
  • Do not allow your child to play with or chew on jewelry.

Sterling Silver pieces will tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural process caused by oxidation and can easily be removed by rubbing the piece gently with a soft polishing cloth – preferrably WITHOUT rouge as it could scratch pearls and gemstones. Please do not use metal polishes and/or tarnish removers – not only can they damage pearls and gemstones, but they may remove oxidized finishes found on sterling “letter” beads and Bali sterling.

Prevent tarnish build-up by polishing regularly and storing in a cloth sack or box with tarnish inhibiting strips. We do not recommend using zip top bags to store pearls or gemstones – these are natural products which need to breathe.

Gold-filled products are 14K gold that has been bonded to metal, giving it more strength and making it more resistant to dents than solid 14K gold. This is NOT the same as gold-plating which is a thin sprayed-on layer of gold that eventually wears off. While more expensive than gold plate, Gold-filled is much less expensive than solid 14K gold but will scratch like 14K gold if excessively rubbed. Again, storing in cloth bags is a great way to protect your pieces.

For your reference, the following care instructions are printed on the back of our “logo tag” included with every jewelry purchase.

  • Store flat, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.
  • Wipe clean with soft damp cloth.
  • Never apply hairspray or perfume while wearing jewelry.
  • Do not use metal cleaners or tarnish removers – they can damage pearls and stones.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.