Pretty Little Things

I love when my packages come from India. The anticipation of what’s inside makes me to want to rip them open. Not such an easy task, however. Parcels from India are boxes, sometimes metal and other times plastic, that are wrapped in much packing tape – so much so that the box material cannot be seen. After the taping, the box is then wrapped in a natural woven fabric with the edges being folded in neatly as if wrapping a present and then hand-stitched closed. The finishing touch is wax stampings along the seams. I’m not sure if customs will send me a bill. The package never appears to have been opened.

This was a very exciting parcel to receive as there are new stones that I have never worked with before, the first being the blue mystic topaz gemstones shown above. Mystic coatings have been around as long as I’ve been beading with my first mystic stones being pink topaz. Traditional mystic topaz was of no interest to me as they were so heavily coated – reflecting deep dark purples and teals with a mirror like finish – ok for some, just not for me. These newer mystics are more translucent adding color and dimension in a way similar to that of pink topaz. The color above is also known as “Paraiba Blue” Topaz and it is created by coating white topaz.

Other gemstones shown are Pink Amethyst, Blue/Green Fluorite, and Grapefruit Corundum (another new one for me). I await one more parcel and then I’ll begin designing. I can hardly wait ūüėČ