Website Analytics

I use Google Analytics for my website. When I first put up my website years ago I had the simple counter on the front page. Although informative, it really was more entertainment than anything else. Today, there’s probably alot I can do to improve my website based on the info I get from Analytics. Lets take a look at the results:

The chart above compares the results of one month to the previous one. The blue line is Feb/Mar and the green line is Jan/Feb. The dots represent each day and when I hover over one, I get the number of visits for that day. Total website visits for Feb/Mar were 1959 – a 3.93% increase from the previous month. Total pages viewed were 7310, and the average number of pages per visit was 3.73. These last two values decreased from the previous month.

The chart also shows a bounce rate of 52.17%. Bounce rate is the number of people that came upon your site but it wasn’t the result they wanted so they left. To lower this number I need to hone in on what I’m selling in my content and thus limit the rate of error. Average time spent on the site was 2:01 minutes – adding more visually interesting links to each page could increase the amount of time people spend on my site. Of the 1959 visits, 81.3% of them were new visits – first time from that address.

Interestingly, when I click on the report for the map overlay, I learn that over the course of two months, my visits came from 81 different countries! The darker green the area on the map, the more visits from that region.

Another important section is the traffic source overview or how people found my site – via the search engines, via links from other sites, or directly using my web address The fact that most of my traffic comes from search engines emphasizes the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If I link to more websites, I may increase that value over time. I am beginning to see that SEO is a job best left to the professionals. Mostly because there are so many jewelry websites on the internet.

Because I have Analytics tracking most of my pages, I get a chart of which pages are visited and how many times each. This lets me know what pages are of interest to my customers and how new pages should be tailored. I’ve also used this information to eliminate pages that don’t get enough visits. Even tho eliminating pages may eliminate valued content, in the end, it can also reduce website maintenance.

Notice that more people visited the jewelry extender page rather than the front page of my site. The reason for this is how my site ranks in the search engine for that particular word/phrase. The higher I rate in the engines, the more likely people will find that page of my site. For example, if you do a google search for pink tourmaline briolettes necklace, you will see that my rank is #2 out of 15,400 results. However, if you search just for pink tourmaline necklace, the number of results grows to 204,000. Where am I ranked? I’m #98 on the 10th page of the google results. Still pretty respectable when you figure there are 204,000 results. However, that’s really not good enough since people generally look to the top 10 and mayyybeee the top 20 results.

So how can I get more people to come to my site to buy more jewelry than extenders? Optimize for beaded jewelry – seems obvious. The difficulty is that right now, there are 2.2 million results for that phrase. Bottom line is, if you’re thinking of starting up a website to sell your beaded jewelry designs, make sure you focus some of your energies on SEO – or get a professional to do it for you.

The Orchid Collection

When the sun comes through the window and shines upon my orchids I feel grateful to be alive. The petals sparkle in the sun as if calling out for attention and the colors can’t be beat.

Most of the year, while my orchids are sleeping, they surround my tub and soak up the humidity that spills over the shower wall. It’s as if they’re collecting their magic for when the time to bloom comes. As they begin to bloom I bring them down to the kitchen so I can enjoy them all day. The bright sun and humidity from washing dishes keeps them happy.

The bloom season is long with flowers opening one by one. The tallest plant has been blooming since the day before Thanksgiving when I purchased it. The other orchids are in their second or third season of bloom. Orchids are an excellent value for this reason – they will reward you again and again if you don’t over-water them.

Enjoy! Diana ūüėČ