Welcome to my blog! After much thought I’ve decided to create this blog so I’d have a place to chronicle my work and thoughts. Creating jewelry is my passion and for me it’s as important to collect and find new stones as it is to work with them. While the past years have been spent collecting transparent stones, I now seem to crave more earthy, opaque stones or stones that seem to encase a kind of treasure.

Stones that shimmer or have a pearlescent quality are very appealing – like labradorite, a continued favorite of mine, where blues and greens shimmer within a field of charcoal grey. Sunstone is another pearlescent stone that I love for it’s orange base that shimmers with golden sunlight. I’ve recently collected several other shimmering stones which I’ll get to in future posts.

A new stone for me is Golden Rutile Quartz – within a base of clear (sometimes cloudy) crystal quartz are fine golden needles. This gemstone comes in so many qualities and the best stones are very expensive. I hope to continue to grow my collection and share them with you by way of pendants, bracelets, and earrings – Golden rutile is a must for any rock hound.

Amber is another stone filled with treasures – with it’s bits of nature suspended within a honey, cognac, or deep cherry base. I have some gorgeous amber on order and will post photos as soon as it arrives.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog and will come back often. Thanks for visiting!